Our new home greeted us with a broken roof, no electricity, no toilet or shower and no kitchen. It also needed windows and doors and a fresh coat of paint. And to add to this the garden was in shambles. But after a couple of months of hard work The Yoga Studio on Koh Phangan opened its doors in July.

It has been greeted well and there has been loads of positive feedback. I have seen plenty of old faces as well as many new ones and am looking forward to meeting my many regular students from the past once the next high season hits.

As well, the launching of my website www.yogakohphangan.com is now up and running which is sure to promite not only my studio but the whole of Thong Nai Pan. It has been in desperate need for a good, professional Yoga instructor since I left 3 years ago. I do realise that there is plenty of Yoga on Koh Phangan but the Yoga Studio is quite different to many of these, as it provides more intimate sessions and in spectacular surroundings. And the best part is that it is located on the nicest beach on the island, Thong Nai Pan.


After nearly three years away I have finally made it back to the place that I love most in the world to open up my newest Yoga Studio.

One truckload and nearly 10 hours later the journey into my new life has finally begun. Pema is enjoying her new surroundings and is starting to make some new friends, while I have reunited with many old ones.

Renovations have begun and I hope to be open within the next couple of weeks. When the signs appear on the road I will be ready to teach classes in Thong Nai Pan once again.